Thieves World Campaign

first game

Starting off on the ship “the Wave Crusher” the small group got entangled in a storm front that delayed the ships travels by a week, having run out of water due to a breach the captain stopped in a nearby island named inception island and dropped anchor to move on shore to resupply. Having been attacked by some crabs and a group of undead which then attacked the ship through an underwater cave the ship survived and moved on.

Arriving at Sanctuary, a group of toughs immediately picked up on the two pc’s lack of experience and confronted them right on the docks. Max with a natural 20 on intimidate pretty much put the toughs in their place an from there on a few of the local trouble makers around Sanctuary knew to not cause problems with him or any accomplice without some backup.

Max and Renton upon advice from the captain Ket went to a local inn called Styx Oarsman where they got their drinks rather quick due to Max’s charisma and Renton’s charm (this included a bar table – rare). they met up eventually with their points of contact – a Nobel named Oroson White actually his son Roy was their first encounter and later on his man servant


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